Join us for our Birthday celebrations as we turn 3 years old! To celebrate we've decided to throw our biggest event yet! What's on this week...

TV Deals

Join us from 6am Monday 20th Feb for daily prize giveaways, new brands on Sewing Street, more guest designers, and more live demonstrations than ever before! Join us HERE

Website Deals

Shop on the website each day for more fantastic giveaways! The more times you checkout, the greater the chance to win! More details can be found HERE.

What's on Monday

What's on Monday 20th (Extended Hours 6am til 6pm!)


What's on Tuesday 21st 6am - 1pm


What's on Wednesday 22nd 6am - 1pm


What's on Thursday 23rd 6am - 1pm


What's on Friday 24th 6am - 1pm


What's on Saturday 25th 6am - 1pm


What's on Sunday 26th 6am - 1pm

It's been an amazing journey and the Sewing Street team want to say a huge thank you to all our shoppers, suppliers and guest designers for all your support.