The E-Mark Create handheld printer - Create your very own designs using the downloadable Colop E-Mark Creator app and make your very own customised templates and creations. Personalise your possesions with a funky label, or craft your very own ribbon to wrap a gift for someone. Make your very own personalised bag strap or sew in your very own clothing label to your garments. All are possible with the E-Mark Create!

Unboxing your device

The E Mark comes in a small well protected, packaged box complete with instructions and charging cable. The device is easily portable and is not much bigger than a standard size computer mouse. This makes using the E-Mark device very easy to use and also allows for extreme accuracy during printing.

Once you have removed the top cover casing, a small clip is revealed. Simply lift the catch with a finger nail to lift the battery. Removing the battery will expose a compartment to house the ink cartridge. Open the bottom latch by pinching and sliding forwards and downwards. This will allow room for the ink cartridge to fit into the device.

The ink cartridge is purpose built for the E Mark. Other branded ink cartridges will not currently fit and are not compatible. 1 colour cartridge comes included with the device. It’s vitally important to remove the protective film from the printhead of the cartridge or this will prevent you from using your E Mark printer. Drop in the cartridge and reverse the steps to put the E Mark Printer back together again.

You can house the E Mark in the included docking station. Simply plug in the provided the charger to provide power to the device. Turning on the device will print a test image. Download the create app on your tablet or phone to grant access to hundreds of fonts and images. You can also attach a transfer cable to transfer data from your pc to E Mark.