Looking to take up a new hobby for the new year? Try sewing with Sewing Street!

The history of sewing begins as far back as 20,000 years ago! Over the years sewing has taken many different art forms. Most of which can be found on this website. So whether it's for your own sense of well-being, expressing your individuality, creating something fresh or the beginning of an exciting new venture! Learn to sew with Sewing Street, and let your journey begin here! Find us on Sky 670 and Freeview 72. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with what’s fresh and current! We also have an a extensive collection of tutorial videos which can be found on Youtube. The links for all can be found at the bottom of the page. HAPPY SEWING!


Quilting is a process of joining multiple layers of fabric together via hand quilting or the use of a machine. Are you looking to create a new bed spread, pet blanket or furniture throw. Start your journey here.


If you’re a beginner or intermediate sewer, or you’re just looking for something new for the home. Please take a look at our selection of homeware products. From cushions to peg bags, we have it all! Most of our kits come complete with fabric and instructions.


Sashiko is a traditional Japanese style embroidery or stitch, originating in the 1600’s. It’s distinctive look is normally very geometric. Typically using Blue & White fabric, though now can be found on other colours, the patterns are beautifully structured. Perfect for making your very own Kimono or fabric wall art.


Cross Stitch is a form of embroidery, comprised of X stitches. Normally used to create raised pictures on fabric. Generally very decorative, commemorating a picture, place or word art. Cross Stitch is a great entry level project to the world of sewing, without breaking the bank. Why not give it a go!


Instead of going to the shops for a new bag, why not make your own. On here you will find a range of kits for creating your own stylish bag. Shop our range of designs, fabrics, books & instructions to create your very own unique, one of a kind fashion bag!


Make your very own custom design or follow one of our designers kits to make your unique piece of clothing. Dressmaking covers a vast array of styles and techniques, from tailoring, needlework, embroidery and many more. Build your capsule wardrobe.


Need a new sewing machine? We have a selection of affordable machines from beginners to expert!