Join Rebecca Jane Alexander Frost as she brings us her latest project entitled ‘The Birds and The Bees Quilt.’ Rebecca has dedicated time to breaking down the entire quilt into smaller bitesize kits, making the journey much easier to absorb, giving you the opportunity to learn some new techniques along the way. Collect them all to complete the finished design.

This 5-part pattern course is where you will learn old style patchwork piecing, FPP (Foundation Paper piecing), Appliqué and much more. Becky has filmed every step and these videos can only be accessed with the codes within the patterns. There is additional information and private videos within a Facebook group which only pattern buyers are members of. There will be extra mini make videos which only pattern buyers can access as well. The patterns don’t just stop at the 5 patterns there is much more to learn with these patterns.

Rebecca Alexander-Frost's The Birds & The Bees Rows 1 & 2 Quilt Kit

You will learn how to do traditional piecing and make two-star blocks and join them together to make row 1. Then there is a 2nd row within this 1st part of the quilt. This is the Buzzy Bees row, you will learn FPP (foundation paper piecing).

Rebecca Alexander-Frosts The Birds & The Bees Rows 1 & 2 Quilt Kit