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Sashiko Tsumugi Preprinted Kamon 20 Light Blue Fabric Panel 108x61cm


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A ready to sashiko stitch traditional kamon crest designs with smaller patterns, hand printed in Japan on beautiful Kofu Tsumugi 100% cotton (coloured warp, black weft, with tiny slubs, also available unprinted). Featuring some popular kamon crest patterns with several variations on komezashi (rice stitch) hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko) patterns plus the knaji characters for the seasons for the smaller squares - spring (haru), summer (natsu), autumn (aki), & winter (fuyu). These panels coordinatie with the other geometric and kamon crest sashiko panels. Each stitch is clearly marked, so they are easy to sew. Each hand-printed pattern is washed away with water and disappears, leaving no mark on the work. Do not prewash your panel, or all your marks will disappear! The panel's squares are 9 1/2in (24cm) and 4 1/2in (11.5cm) approx. They can be cut up and used like quilt blocks or stitched as a whole panel. Approx 108cm selvedge to selvedge (print width: 96 cm) x 60cm wide
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