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The Fibre First Diet Book Bundle by Steve Bennett


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The Fibre First Diet Book

How simply reordering your favourite foods effortlessly trims your waistline & wards off disease

When Steve Benett's parents were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer's, he decided it was time for a change. This once-overweight family man invested millions in research to uncover the truth behind widespread obesity, chronic illness and poor health. In his quest, he uncovered the essential role of fibre. For decades, profit-driven food corporations have extracted this vital component from their packaged, fast, and ultra-processed foods, prioritising their wealth over the nation's health. Don't be daunted by the fact that the Fibre First diet is 1,000 pages long. Part 1 gives you everything you need to trim your waistline and maintain optimal health. It reveals how fibre facilitates weight loss and reduces the risk of numerous diseases. The remaining sections serve as a comprehensive reference guide to achieving a healthy, vibrant life. Who knew that eating more could actually help you weigh less?

Feel Fuller, Longer: Discover how a high-fibre diet can curb cravings and promote weight loss by slowing digestion.

Scientifically Backed Health Gains: Explore clinical evidence showing that a fibre-rich diet supports weight management and significantly reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers and more.

Nutrient-Rich Eating: Discover the zero absorbable calories within high-fibre fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes.

Easy Dietary Tweaks: Learn simple, sustainable ways to increase fibre, like adding beans to soup or switching to low-carb pasta, for better health and a brighter mood.

Sustain Your Success: Turn high-fibre eating into a seamless and satisfying lifestyle to maintain weight loss and foster a healthy gut microbiome.

Fat & Furious Book

"""Our human body was not designed to live like this.

""How do we live healthier, happier and for longer? We must first accept that we have little evolved since our primal ancestors and then optimise our lifestyle, environment and nutrition to the fundamental needs of the human body. I call this the LEON principle of primal living. They are the principles for living healthier for longer and they are yours to own. They are both beautiful in their simplicity and reassuringly easy to remember.

The LEON principle of living primally looks at Lifestyle, Environment, Optimising each aspect and Nutrition."

Primal Cure Book

Primal Cure documents the learning and discoveries of an extremely wealthy and motivated father asking open, honest and difficult questions regarding our diet, lifestyle and environment. It unveils secrets that governments, food companies and pharmaceutical giants don't want us to know. Throughout its entirety the book is straight-talking, educational and challenges our commercially influenced beliefs on food. It's a complete guide book for health, happiness, longevity and is unlike anything written before. Its core learning demonstrates how evolution is an extremely slow process, and how we need to realign our diet, lifestyle and environment as close to that for which were designed. Or as Steve calls it, our Primal Cure. KEY POINTS How to live healthier and longer by realigning out diet, environment and lifestyle to that which we were designed for: DIET  Carbocoaster- Explaining the effects of carbohydrates and sugar in our body.  Nutrition - How to use nature and not toxic man-made drugs, to cure many illnesses.  Macro & Micronutrients - Detailing their individual effects on the body and in which foods to find them. ENVIRONMENT  Microbiome - An in-depth view of our gut and how bacteria can effect everything from our wellbeing to our waistline.  Chemicals - How to avoid them in everything from food to medicine.  Toxins - Evaluates the effect of chemicals found in makeup, creams and much more. LIFESTYLE  Way of Life - Understanding the effect of sleep, stress, sunshine and more.  Exercise - Which exercises are good for us and which ones should we avoid.  Fasting - Details how making intermittent fasting part of your lifestyle, has massive health benefits.