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Quilting has been around for generations. Dating back as far as medieval times. Passed down through family homes for hundreds of years. Whether its’s been a family run business or that one treasured heirloom that once came to existence, you will find quilting your very own quilt very rewarding. Once you are hooked, this highly impressive craft will have you wanting more as you learn to digest all the different methods, styles and techniques to fabricating your very own quilt. Quilting is the construction of piecing three layers of fabric together. A quilt top, backing and the wadding. It is important to familiarise yourself with different techniques along your journey. We frequently demonstrate a variety of methods and designs via our live shows. We also offer an extensive catalogue of quilting kits, educational books, and patterns on this website if you are looking to grow your knowledge of quilting even further. All inspired to help and aid you, taking you all the way from beginner to expert. Our quilting kits come complete with the required amount of fabric used to make your desired quilt top and binding. We do offer other fabrics in distinct colours and weights on this website. It is important to take time to get to understand your fabric types. An excellent top tip is to get to know which types of materials are flexible and malleable enough for detailed pattern work, whist others which are more resilient to regular washing, without losing shape following usage. Additionally, we sell all the tools you will need to complete your quilt. Shop our sewing machines and tools sections on this website to learn more.

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