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All The Quilting Terms You Need To Know

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Entering a new hobby and getting to grips with new terminology can be daunting, so we have created this short glossary of common quilting terms, including tools and terms found on patterns. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or a professional quilter seeking to expand your knowledge, this glossary will help you navigate the world of patchwork quilting with ease.

1. Quilt

Traditionally a bed covering made of layers of fabric, typically with a decorative stitching pattern.

2. Patchwork

The technique of sewing together small pieces of fabric to create a larger design.

3. Block

A single unit of a patchwork design.

4. Pattern

The design or layout of a patchwork quilt.

5. Fabric

The material used to create the patchwork pieces.

6. Seam allowance

The amount of fabric between the seam and the edge of the patchwork piece.

7. Rotary cutter

A tool used to cut fabric quickly and accurately.

8. Cutting mat

A mat used with a rotary cutter to protect surfaces and provide a cutting guide.

9. Quilting ruler

A transparent ruler used to measure and cut fabric accurately.

10. Batting

The layer of insulation between the top and bottom layers of a quilt.

11. Binding

The fabric strip used to finish the edges of a quilt.

12. Wadding

The layer of material between the quilt top and backing to provide warmth.

13. Sashing

The strips of fabric used to join blocks together.

14. Appliqué

A decorative technique in which fabric pieces are sewn onto a larger piece of fabric.

15. Fussy-cutting

The process of carefully cutting a specific part of a fabric print to use in a patchwork design.

16. Charm pack

Pre-cut squares of coordinating fabric.

17. Design roll

Pre-cut strips of coordinating fabric.

18. Fat quarter

A quarter-yard of fabric, cut in a specific way to maximise the usable fabric.

19. Half-square triangle

A patchwork unit made of two triangles sewn together.

20. Quilting foot

A special sewing machine foot used for quilting.

21. Basting

The temporary stitches used to hold layers of a quilt together before quilting.

22. Quilting stitches

The decorative stitches used to hold the layers of a quilt together.

23. Stitch-in-the-ditch

A quilting technique in which stitches are placed in the seam line between two patches.

24. Free-motion quilting

A quilting technique in which the quilter moves the fabric freely to create a design.

25. Quilting frame

A device used to hold the layers of a quilt taut during quilting.

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