Me Made May 2023 with Sewing Street

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If you're part of the sewing community, you may have heard of a little something called Me Made May. But what exactly is it?

Me Made May is an annual challenge created by Zoe Edwards, a sewing blogger and pattern designer from the UK. The challenge encourages participants to wear their handmade clothing and accessories throughout the month of May, and to document their outfits on social media using the hashtag #MeMadeMay.

The challenge is open to anyone who sews their own clothes, regardless of skill level or the number of handmade items in their wardrobe. The aim of the challenge is to encourage participants to reflect on their sewing practice, to wear and enjoy their handmade garments, and to connect with others in the sewing community.

You can set your own goals for the challenge, such as wearing at least one handmade item each day, or only wearing handmade items for the entire month. Some people also use the challenge as an opportunity to assess gaps in their handmade wardrobe, and to plan future sewing projects.

Me Made May has become a hugely popular event in the sewing community, with thousands of participants from around the world taking part each year. It's a great way to celebrate the joy of sewing, to showcase your handmade creations, and to connect with other likeminded sewists.

Take Part

So why not join in the fun this May? Whether you're a seasoned sewing pro or just starting out, Me Made May is a fantastic way to celebrate your love of sewing and to connect with others in the community.

We’re also running a competition across our social channels to give 5 people a chance of winning a sewing mystery goody bag worth over £100!*

All you have to do is post a photo or video of your handmade item on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok using the hashtag #MeMadeMay and tagging Sewing Street in.

We’ll also be featuring our favourite photos on our social platforms throughout May, so make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Happy sewing!

*T&Cs apply. Competition is running from 01/05/2023-31/05/2023. You must make sure Sewing Street is tagged into your post to be entered.

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