Brother or Yasui Sewing Machine Co as it was originally called, originated over 100 years ago in the large city of Nagoya, Japan. In 1928, Brother developed their first chain stitch sewing machine, which was purely manufactured for the production of making Straw Hats.

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1932 was the first production line of home sewing machines. 1947 welcomed a new era of exporting Sewing Machines to Shanghai. This was Brothers first steps to exporting goods into another country, something that was lifelong goal of Brother. It wasn’t until the late 1950’s would Brother establish themselves in Europe. Here they would manufacture not only Sewing machines but typewriters and even motorcycles. Expanding their expertise into a multiple of household and lifestyle goods. In 1968 Brother would find a new home, based out of Manchester, England. Leading the way with new innovations including the world’s first dot matrix printer. Continuing to export to over now over 100 countries worldwide. By the 1990’s their intuitive minds would continue to grow, moving into the telecoms and printing markets. Proudly launching the first Laser Digital Multi-Function Printer. A gamechanger in the ever growing business world. Today Brother continue to manufacture affordable, durable and sustainable Sewing Machines. Remembering where it all began all those years ago. Sewing Street are proud to supply and sell these fantastic machines at affordable prices.

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