This Swiss manufacturer was founded in 1940. Since then this innovative brand has become industry recognised for delivering ground-breaking models. Integrating automation and advances in technology, Elna continue to strive to meet the demands of their customers.

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At the forefront of their design is the ability to have user friendly devices that provide pleasure and allow creativity to flow. In 1940, Elna launched the Elna #1, also known as ‘The Grasshopper’. The #1 was ground breaking as Elna had launched the first ever compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm. Early models included a brake pad, and knee lever. The carry case fitted over the and around the free arm, which allowed the sewing area to be extended. This was unique for its time. In 1968, Elna launched ‘The Lotus’. Derived it’s name from the flower of the same name, this marvel in manufacturing can still be found on Display in the New York Museum of Modern Art. Representing the peak of 60’s innovation. It came available in 4 different colours along with 4 incredibly useful stitches: straight stitch, zigzag, multi-step zigzag, and blind stitch. Elna continue to deliver excellent, unrivaled quality in their designs today. Sewing Street are proud to supply an excellent catalogue of their machines, some of which are exclusive to the Sewing Street brand. Their excellent product durability is intently meant that the customer shouldn’t feel it necessary to replace them over a short period of time. Not only providing excellent customer care but also saving resources, energy and doing their bit to making the World a greener place.

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