Today, Juki provide their consumers with 2 types of product lines. Household and Semi Professional Sewing Machines. Providing the best of both types of sewing machine platforms. Mechanical and Computerised.

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Originating in 1938 in Japan’s capital city Tokyo, a group of machinery manufacturers in Tokyo invested in a company called Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association, it wasn’t until 1947 that Juki created their first household sewing machine. They began marketing this machine not only in Japan but globally. By the 1950’s Juki had evolved from a household sewing machine manufacturer, and began the sale of industrial sewing machines. The development in technology and newer functions paved the way for providing labor saving devices, placing the company at the forefront of the Sewing World and industrial community. Further breakthroughs were warmly welcomed in the 1970’s and 80’s with the introduction of Juki’s first automatic needle threader, and later, auto thread tension system. A welcomed addition to the HZL models for their time. By the turn of the millennium Juki had laid the foundations for commitment to sewing quality and innovation. Their commitment to stitch quality and ease of operation meant this new found technology shook the sewing world. All of which can be seen with their HZL home computerised models. Sewing Street are proud to provide their latest model from the HZL range. The HZL-UX8!

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