Originating in 1936 in Japan, founder Yosaku Ose, was proudly the inventor of the first round bobbin holder. The look and design of this round bobbin resembled that of a Snake Eye.

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It wasn’t long before people began referring to this design as the ‘Eye of the Snake’ or in Japanese ‘Janome’. Janome proudly export their machines to over 100 countries. By the end of the Second World War, the Japanese sewing industry was booming. This demand gave Janome a chance to expand. By the 1960, Janome would break into the US market. Come 1968 Janome changed their name to Janome UK LTD. Fast forward to the mid 90’s, Janome had moved over 2 million Sewing Machines in the UK and over 60 million worldwide. Janome UK was renowned for quality build sewing machines and overlockers. True today as it was back then, Janome are still best known for their quality, reliability and affordability.

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