Garry from Juki recently came to Sewing Street to talk to us about one of their highest specification, and top selling machines the Juki HZL-UX8. He had this to say . . .

So the nice thing is with the Juki HZL-UX8 is that even though it is a computerized machine, it is still a mechanical sewing machine as well. We’re obviously well known for our industrial machines, so what we’ve created is a very strong sewing system. It's all touchscreen, switching it on comes up with all its presets. A quick switch on and off will reset the system back to its original setting so no matter how much you play around with it, you can always reset it back to default setting. On the other hand, we've made a machine so once you start going more specialist, you can program and store it all within the machine. So it does give you the best of both worlds, that ease of use, but also the programmable side of it as well.

You have over 500 patterns included to play with, something catering for everybody. It allows you to get more out of the machine but also have fun. Coming from an engineering background, I thought, I really do praise the design of Juki. Offering lots of sewing flexibility, not just with fabrics, different threads, different finishing topstitching, invisible threads, italics, it will allow me to play with all those as well as the industrial style box feed system. Very powerful, very strong. Plus notably the foot pressure with extra high clearance that works well for thicker fabrics, it will self adjust, and it will undulate to different thicknesses. A DC powered motor, so even when you're sewing very slowly it will give you full penetration with your stitch.

It comes with a 12 inch arm, with high clearance. It's not just the C-section from A to B, it is literally the whole rolling area, it's a really nice space. Sliding the tray off that just comes off the front, it gives you the free arm sleeve arm on that also does come with a large extension table. The table comes with adjustable legs, giving you that extra platform. The extension table comes complete with storage space. The feed system only goes forward and back, it doesn't go diagonal, doesn't go sideways, it does that one job and it does it perfectly.