Dressmaking Patterns

Shop our range of dressmaking patterns for women, men and children. Creating your own clothing is becoming increasingly more popular and a sustainable way for reducing waste, upcycling old fabric, and turning it into something new and fresh. Our wide range of designer sewing patterns are the first step to manufacturing your perfect outfit. We offer patterns for a variety of occasions, whether it be comfort, special event, classic design, or something seasonal. We have the next project for you! Browse our ample collection of patterns and then select your materials from our plain or patterned fabric catalogues which are all cut to order. If you are new to dressmaking, you may want to consider a smaller simpler project to get started. As you begin to level up, we suggest selecting one of our more advanced patterns. Sewing Street constantly have live expert demonstrations every week from top designers. Should you wish to visit an older pattern, look at our Youtube Channel for inspiration. If you require tools, buttons and other accessories to complete your look, shop our website to find out more.

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